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Yazoo County Port

Owned by the Yazoo County Port Commission, the Yazoo County Port is along a river of the same name that connects with the Mississippi River to the southwest at Vicksburg. The 27-acre terminal area at river mile 74.5 and a 56-acre property a half-mile from there make up the port’s infrastructure, and there are 220 acres of land within a mile of the main facility. Supported industries include agriculture, construction, and metal fabrication, which can use the Mississippi River System and access inland waterways accessible from Vicksburg.

Port Infrastructure

Yazoo has two docks, with a water depth alongside them of 11 feet. A T-dock is equipped with a 125-ton crane, and there is also a Manitowoc 2900 crane on the premises. The inland port is also among the top five in Mississippi in terms of the tonnage of materials shipped. It features on-site rail infrastructure with a Class I railroad connection and multiple spurs. Additionally, it has a 15,000-square foot warehouse, cold storage buildings served by an 8-inch pipeline, and a truck scale.

Businesses operating at the port include Bunge Grain, Helena Chemical, Crabtree Manufacturing, Amco Manufacturing, and Yazoo Ready Mix Concrete. The market area served by the port includes Yazoo, Issaquena, Warren, and Sharkey Counties.

The roads serving the port include MS-3, US-49, and SR-149. From MS-16, access to I-55 is 25 miles from the port.

Port Traffic Safety Issues

Traffic safety issues at marine terminals are so prevalent that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has provided detailed guidance on improving the situation. Vehicular dangers include more than just automobiles. Forklifts and other material handling vehicles and equipment often occupy the same paths as pedestrians.

The issues contributing to traffic safety concerns include poor traffic controls, such as signals and signs. Safety equipment may be absent, or not maintained the way it should be, and vehicles may have brakes, seat belts, horns, and lights that don’t work properly. The quality of driving surfaces, vehicle speed, obstacles on roadways, and weather are concerns. There’s also the issue of welding, which can create flashes bright enough to distract drivers and operators. Fatigue and lack of communication are also prevalent issues at ports around the country.

General Hazards

The equipment used to lift and handle cargo can fail if it’s not properly maintained or items aren’t secured in the right way. A poorly balanced cargo container can suddenly shift, or a loose fitting can break, causing it to fail and injure or kill a worker. One misstep with a crane or winch and a worker can be sent to a hospital. Other activities that can injure someone include mooring, manual handling, and working from heights. A fall anywhere on the premises can be catastrophic, while environmental conditions such as water, ice, or tides can be dangerous. Not to mention the presence of chemicals that can cause lung damage, burns, and fires.

If you were injured on the job at Yazoo, fill out and submit our online form; a representative will get back to you with more information.

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