West Cameron Port

West Cameron Port Commission is located in southwestern Louisiana on Calcasieu Pass near Calcasieu Lake.  The port, now known as Cameron Parish Port or simply Cameron Port, is located in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. It encompasses more than 500 acres and is considered a deep water staging port for the Gulf of Mexico. The most important industries include oil and gas, agriculture, fisheries, cattle and alligators, and trapping.

Hurricane Damage

The Cameron area has been damaged by hurricanes several different times. Hurricane Audrey hit the area in 1957 causing a storm surge of 12 feet with winds of more than 125 miles per hour. More than 300 residents of the town died during this storm. In 2005, Hurricane Rita took aim again with a storm surge of 15 feet, destroying most of the town. Again in 2008, Hurricane Ike destroyed more than 90% of what was left. Many people in the town did not rebuild, leaving the area almost empty.

New Construction

The port sustained extensive damage and had to be completely rebuilt. A new project for Port Cameron is being undertaken at a cost of $1.5 billion.  The project includes infrastructure that will have almost 21,000 feet of bulkhead sites, each with an average of 400 feet of water access. The location provides security, utilities, drainage and roads for common use. Loading areas are designed to accommodate traditional bulkhead and crane pads and overhead crane options.

The project is to be completed in stages. The first phase takes place on Calcasieu Ship Channel and is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. When the entire project is complete, it is expected to have a major impact on the local economy. It will provide about $2.8 billion and provide jobs for as many as 10,000 people in the state. The phases are expected to take four years to complete. Construction alone will provide more than 16,000 jobs a year in the Lake Charles area.


The location is one of the most desirable for commerce in the entire Louisiana coast. It is less than 19 miles to the Intracoastal Waterway through the Calcasieu Ship Channel. It offers intermodal redundancy, and the location allows for a reduction in delivery times. Goods may be transported by truck or barge. I-10 is fewer than 50 miles away, and the facility is 185 miles from Houston. Locally, Louisiana Highway 27/82 is directly south and provides connection to major roadways. Onsite there are 35-foot two-lane roads that are paved for all-weather accessibility. There will be adequate drainage and lighting along the roads. The port is designated as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) allowing for a variety of benefits such as tax and customs relief. The port provides security.

When complete, the area will be a center for commerce. However, along with the benefits of increased traffic come the dangers associated with working on vessels and in shipyards. Employers are required to provide safe working conditions for employees, regardless of where the work takes place. If a company is negligent and an accident occurs, they may be responsible. If you were hurt in a maritime accident, we can help. Contact us using the convenient online form, and we will discuss your legal options with you.

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