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The Martin Companies

The Martin Companies is an umbrella company that includes seven businesses handled through Martin Resource Management, MRMC.  The companies are all located in various areas across the Gulf of Mexico region and operate in Alabama, Texas, and Louisiana. Martin Resource Management provides, markets and distributes fuel oil, diesel fuel, sulfuric acid, asphalt and naphthenic lubricants, selling more than 250 million gallons of lubricants and diesel fuel annually.

The companies included under Martin Resource Management include:

  • Martin Transport, Inc.

MTI is a transportation business that operates tank trucks to distribute petroleum products, chemicals and other bulk liquids including LP gas and sulfuric acid. It operates in the Gulf Coast area and has more than 800 trucks and 1,200 trailers. They operate terminal facilities in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia.

  • Martin Energy Services, LLC

This subsidiary company includes Midstream Fuel Services, L&L Oil and Gas and PEPCO. They deliver products throughout the Gulf region and offer logistics support in the region. They are a premier provider of marine fuels and lubricants on the Gulf Coast and have continued to acquire companies under their umbrella.

  • Martin Product Sales, LLC

This division is responsible for marketing and distribution of products including asphalt, fuel, oil and sulfuric acid. They operate throughout the Southeastern areas of the United States.

  • Martin Crude Marketing Company

They are a complete solution provider for companies that produce oil. They buy and sell crude oil leasing, offer delivery options and management support services. The division provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for the oil industry. Transportation is available by truck, rail, pipe, and barge.


ALTEC Environmental Consulting is based near Shreveport, Louisiana. They provide environmental consulting services and technical support to companies that produce and transport products that could be toxic to the environment. They have been in business for almost 30 years and have completed projects in more than 35 states.

  • Cross Oil Refining and Marketing

Cross Oil specializes in the refining of naphthenic crude oils including asphalt, base oils, black oils, distillates and electrical, gas and process oils. They are located in Smackover Arkansas.  They provide these specialized products to companies in various industries including electrical, tire, asphalt and roofing industries.

  • Roddey Engineering Services, Inc.

RES provides engineering, equipment, materials, and audits for a wide array of companies that work in the fuel production industry. They provide design, start-up, troubleshooting, equipment, materials, inspection, training, monitoring and audits. Also, they offer technical and economic evaluations and incident analysis.

General History

The Martin Companies began with the Martin Butane Company in Kilgore Texas. R.S. Martin, a WWII veteran serving in the Marine Corps, started the company as a one-man operation with his wife handling the bookkeeping functions of the business. He started with money he borrowed and a dream to grow a company. Over the years the company grew and expanded significantly. Today the company is on the list of Fortune 500 and has more than $550 million in assets and more than 1,800 employees worldwide.

Today the company has seven subsidiaries operating under their name. Some companies were acquired through purchases over the years. The variety of businesses allows them to provide a full spectrum of oil-related services from design to completion and beyond. They sold some of its assets in 2002. Martin Midstream Partners L.P. is a publicly held company that is listed as MMLP on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Fatal Accident

Although the company went through a long period without any significant accidents, there was a notable one that occurred in 2000. A tanker truck located at a propane storage facility suffered an explosion and fire. The truck was carrying 8,000 gallons of propane at the time of the incident. One man, a company employee for 11 years, died in the accident and another was seriously injured.

The accident reportedly happened when the tanker was transferring a load of gas to a storage tank. A line apparently exploded, causing the truck to catch on fire. A larger second explosion occurred. It forced the evacuation of the entire neighborhood. A company spokesperson stated that the propane storage area had been safely used for more than 40 years without any prior incidents.

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