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A tugboat, cargo handling, and towing services provider, Signet Maritime Corporation operates internationally. The international marine transportation and logistics organization serves customers in the Americas, Middle East, and Africa. It offers a 24-hours dispatch service. Founded in 1976, Signet has also provided cargo transport and construction contracting services and is committed to adhering to internal quality and safety systems.

The company has met the standards of the American Bureau of Shipping and ISO 9001:2008. It also complies with the ISM Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention and holds other top industry certifications.

Offshore marine and energy services, harbor tugboat operations, barge/rig movements, ocean towing, and petroleum transport and vessel bunkering are provided. This company operates a full-service shipyard, subsea service support, and liquid natural gas vessel assist program. Aside from its Houston headquarters, Signet has two navigation centers in Texas (Brownsville and Ingleside), and two in Louisiana (Morgan City and Port Fourchon). It is present in Jacksonville, Florida, and Pascagoula, Mississippi, as well as in Dubai, UAE.

Signets fleet includes 42 vessels, with an average vessel age of 11 years, according to the company. Some of its tugs are up to 105 feet long and have over 6,800 horsepower.

Employee Injury Claim

Although the company was exonerated from liability, a 2005 lawsuit was filed by a worker claiming to have been injured while serving as a deck hand on a Signet towboat. The individual was boarding a barge owned and operated by another company. He had been seeking to recover damages for back injuries and loss of consortium.

Accident Risk on Tugboats

Although there aren’t many reports of worker injuries at Signet, tugboats come with risks to employees because of their duties and capabilities. Many are capable of firefighting, ice breaking, and other functions. Tugs can capsize or break down. Broken power systems, ladders, and equipment pose a risk to workers, as do slick surfaces and improper or defective safety equipment. Collisions between vessels are a risk as well.

If you’ve been injured on a tugboat while working for Signet Maritime, fill out our form online for more information, and to receive help in receiving compensation under the Jones Act and/or other maritime laws.

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