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Port of Vermilion

The Port of Vermilion is part of the Abbeville Harbor & Terminal District located on the Vermilion River, about 5 miles from Abbeville, Louisiana. It has a depth of 12 feet and has protected docks available. The strategic location allows access to both the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and Freshwater Bayou Channel. It offers a diverse terminal that continues to grow and adapt to local needs. It provides economic stability to the region.

Currently, there are six companies that utilize the services here which include inland and offshore oil and gas support services. A U.S. Coast Guard patrol unit is also located here. It has total land that comprises about 100 acres that are divided into 21 tracts. Each tract includes about 200 to 300 feet of waterfront access. Sites include wastewater and electricity services as well as phone and the Internet. Two inland slips are 200 feet wide and have a 12-foot draft.

It is owned and operated by the Abbeville Harbor & Terminal District (AH&TD) which includes more than 700 square miles of land near the Vermillion River, Freshwater Bayou and Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. There is an Intracoastal boat launch that services small recreational and fishing vessels. The Freshwater Bayou Locks Bypass Channel is also owned by AH&TD.


The AH&TD was created in 1954. In 1967 the locks complex was completed. The property was acquired in 1982, and it was opened to the first tenant in 1984. The Bypass Channel was completed in 1986 and provides vessels with a route around the locks. It is particularly helpful for vessels that are restricted from using the locks due to their size. The boat launch was upgraded in 1996 and is currently maintained by the City of Abbeville.

The port provides jobs to more than 400 workers with a payroll of more than $20 million annually. Many of these jobs came from construction projects located here. Further upgrades including new construction activities are likely to continue at the facility. The port offers accommodations for companies that provide offshore drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico.


The port is located near highway, rail and air transportation. Highway 167 and Highway 82 are close by. The LA and Delta rail is within 8 miles. Two airports are in close proximity. Abbeville Memorial Airport is just 4.6 miles away, and Lafayette Regional Airport is 22 miles away. Roads within the facility are made of hard surfaces for all-weather accessibility.

Barge access is available along the Vermilion River. Barges are the main form of transportation for many nearby industries. Working on barges and in harbors can be hazardous. Companies are responsible for ensuring the safety of their workers. If an employee is injured because of negligence on the part of the employer, he might be allowed to take legal action according to the Jones Act. If you were seriously injured in a barge accident, we can help. Contact our office by filling out the online form with details of your accident, and we will talk to you about your case.

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