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Port of Selma, Alabama

The Port of Selma is a very small river port in Alabama. Located on the Alabama River, it is situated in the town of Selma. It is a natural river harbor and is part of the Mobile Bay River System. It is one of the ten cities that are part of the Alabama State Inland Docks system. It is 250 miles from the Port of Mobile and the Gulf of Mexico.

The port is conveniently located near roadways including U.S. Highway 80 that connects Selma to I-65 and I-85 heading east and I-20 and I-59 going west. This allows access to major cities such as New York, Atlanta, Dallas, and Chicago. U.S. Highway 231 provides connection to I-10 spanning to Florida. There are two main railroads that service the area including the M & B Railroad and the Norfolk Southern Railway that provide connections throughout the southeastern U.S. The area is served by the Montgomery Regional Airport, 40 minutes away.

Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway

The Tenn-Tom Waterway as it’s often referred to is an important waterway in the region because it allows access to the Gulf of Mexico. The need to connect the Tennessee and Tombigbee Rivers was noted as early as the late 1700s by French explorers. Through the 1800s people utilized the rivers when they were high enough. The project to connect the rivers was engineered and reviewed for many years before it was finally approved. Finally, construction began, and finally, the Tenn-Tom was completed in 1984. It was opened for commerce and dedicated in 1985. After many years, the area was now successfully connected to the only major port in the state.  

The Tenn-Tom has a total length of 234 miles and a minimum depth of 9 feet. There is a total of 10 locks that allow safe passage. Lock dimensions are 600 feet in length by 110 feet in width. A total of 8 barges can be towed in a single lockage. Bridge clearances along the waterway are 300 feet horizontal and 52 feet vertical.

In addition to providing commercial transportation solutions, there is recreational access as well. There are campgrounds, boating, picnicking, fishing, and hunting areas all along the coast. These areas are ideal for residents as well as tourists. A museum operates for interested tourists, school groups and families and is located in Columbus, Mississippi.

Working on vessels such as barges and in shipyards and ports can be dangerous. Companies are required to provide safe work conditions, and if they don’t, they could be negligent if an accident occurs. If you were injured in an accident at Port of Selma or elsewhere, you may be protected by the Jones Act. This legislation allows injured maritime workers to take legal action against a negligent employer. Contact our office by filling out the online form including details of your accident and we will discuss your available legal options.

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