Port of Port Arthur, Texa

Port Arthur is an international public port located 19 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. It can handle a large variety of cargo including steel and forestry products. It has a shed storage area that is more than 518,000 square feet and offers 17 acres of open storage. The terminal provides 3400 feet of berthing space and has a large 82-foot dock. There is easy access to water, rail, and highway transportation options. Additionally, a 50,000 square foot warehouse is fenced, lighted and secured.

It is an important port in Texas with 34,699,150 short tons of total trade annually. The location was originally named after the founder, Arthur E. Stilwell, who first platted the land in 1895. Later, the canal was dredged to allow for waterway transport. By 1914 it was ranked as the twelfth largest port in the country. There are several refineries nearby, and the port supplies many jobs to the town, which has grown to about 60,000.

Analysis of Accidents

An analysis of vessel accidents in the Sabine-Neches Waterway (SNWW) reviewed the frequency of them from 2006 through 2012. The report finds that there is an average of 2 to 3 vessel collisions and one grounding per month. In 2012 there were seven collisions, eight, six groundings and 14 miscellaneous accidents reported in the area. It determined that groundings are soft or hard. A soft grounding occurs in the sand while a hard grounding happens when the vessel strikes a fixed object such as a sunken ship. A traffic management system was implemented in 2008 which resulted in fewer accidents.

Groundings and collisions may result in serious injuries and fatalities. In 2008, 18 people died due to vessel collisions or groundings. According to the U.S. Coast Guard 2013 report, there was an average of 47,889 tug or tow boats and 4,895 ships and 1.192 other vessels that use the SNWW yearly.

Accidents and injuries aboard vessels and in shipyards and terminals can result in severe or disabling injuries. Employers are required to ensure the safety of their employees and others who work on the premises. The failure to do so could mean that they are negligent. Those who were hurt in maritime accidents may be covered by The Jones Act. This legislation allows victims of serious accidents to take legal action against negligent companies.

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