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Port of Orange, Texas

The Port of Orange is a deepwater open port on the Gulf of Mexico. A deep channel through Sabine Lake was completed in 1916, allowing it open passage to the Gulf. The port offers a variety of features including shipyards that can accommodate construction and repair of tugs, barges and offshore oil-drilling platforms. There is also dry dock storage available. The location accommodates industrial facilities including warehousing, bulk cargo and rail and truck shipping options.

There are several terminals including the Alabama Street Terminal that offers intermodal freight transport through various methods including rail, truck, barge, and ship without having to handle the freight itself when it changes modes. Container-on-barge shipments are available, streamlining the shipping process and making it less expensive. Additional facilities include Pier Road Terminal, Childers Road, Borders Street and Industrial Park.

Texas ports are a necessary part of the economy. They provide 1.4 million jobs and generate more than $82 billion in personal income. Together there are more than 1,000 miles of channels that are maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

2010 Port Arthur Oil Spill

The notable 2010 Port Arthur oil spill occurred nearby on the Sabine-Neches Waterway. An oil tanker and barge collided when maneuvering in the canal. The accident tore a 15 by 18-foot hole in the side of the tanker. According to crew members, approximately 11,000 barrels of oil were unaccounted for after the crash. The area had to be evacuated and cleaned up. Oil likely was moved into local marshes by the current. The waterway was closed for four days.

Barge and Shipyard Accidents

Barge and shipyard accidents are not uncommon along the waterways near the Gulf of Mexico. The most common injuries occur due to mechanical failures, crane accidents, exposure to toxic substances, deck accidents and slip and falls. Injuries may range from bruises and cuts and broken bones to more severe harm such as head trauma or back injuries.

Companies must ensure the safety and health of their employees. If they fail to provide a safe environment, they could be negligent. Workers who are hurt because of the negligence of their employers are protected under the Jones Act. This legislation allows maritime workers to file lawsuits against employers who were responsible for their injuries.

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