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Port of Greenville

The Port of Greenville, located at Mississippi River mile 537.0, serves as a supply station for steel companies all over the world. It is under the authority of the Mississippi Department of Transportation’s Office of Intermodal Planning. This facility is located about 370 nautical miles up the river from the Port of New Orleans. In the past, it has supported foreign trade, which has ranged in volume from year to year. A peak of over $2.9 million in imports was reported in 2005, and a peak export volume of over $6 million occurred in 2008. No foreign trading activity was reported for 2015. The property is one of 16 public ports in the state, which together contribute $1.4 billion to the economy.

Greenville Infrastructure

Bulk cargo handled Greenville includes rice, wheat, and corn, as well as fertilizer and ingredients for grain feed. Scrap is moved through here as well. A private wharf, owned/operated by Greenville Gravel Company Inc., handles crushed stone, bulk lime, gravel, and sand. There is also a 12-acre open storage area that can hold as much as 300,000 tons of cargo, and also has a rail track that connects to the Columbus and Greenville Railroad (part of 15 miles of port rail at the facility).

Greenville North Dock and South Dock are owned by TransMontaigne Product Services Inc. The north structure is designed to receive petroleum, which is delivered to 12 storage tanks through a pipeline. Combined, these can hold 160,000 barrels. Able to receive chemicals and liquid fertilizer, the south structure is connected to 11 storage tanks by six pipelines, and which can hold 237,000 barrels.

Owned by the U.S. government, the Mat Fleet Flooring area has a 50-barge capacity and 600-foot berthing distance, and is operated by Waterways Marine of Greenville Inc.

Greenville also has a covered overhead bridge crane that has parallel barge slots built in. Another bridge crane can lift 30 tons and has two hooks, while a Sennebogen 835 crane is located on one dock. The Port of Greenville is well-equipped to handle barge loading, unloading, and transloading. It offers marine dry dock and repair, harbor and fleeting, and warehousing services. Roads serving the port include US-82/278, which runs east-west, and MS-1, a two-lane highway running north-south. US-61 is 10 miles east of the area.

Port Safety Concerns

Safety hazards at ports of any size include the volumes of traffic on the premises. Vehicles designed to move cargo and materials move freely about the grounds, and can suffer mishaps or breakdowns if their equipment is improperly maintained. Traffic management systems are often inferior, while pedestrians may be present where heavy-duty vehicles travel, which increase the risks of accidents.

Other hazards present at ports include corrosive, lethal, and flammable chemicals. Mooring a barge or other vessel comes with risks, and any lifting operation can result in severe injuries or deaths if proper safety and maintenance procedures aren’t followed. From operator fatigue to falls, the hazards on the work site are many.

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