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Port of Morgan City

Located in Mary Parish within the community of Morgan City, this port is positioned close to the east bank of Atchafalaya River. The exact spot is called Berwick Bay – a harbor that is naturally wide and deep.

Overview and History

According to some reports, this port is the birthplace of the offshore oil exploration industry. The port was set up in 1957, and since then it has acted as a hub for both domestic and international trade.

The strategic location is the main reason for the bustling activity. It’s positioned in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico. At the same time, it is at the confluence of the Atchafalaya River and Intracoastal Waterway GIWW WHL.

The cargo and docking facilities are suitable for servicing small to medium-sized draft vessels. Cargo can easily be shipped to ports in Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean region.

Tonnage and Facilities

There are several primary types of cargo going through the harbor. As far as inbound cargo is concerned, the top categories include steel, offshore equipment, stone aggregate and drilling supplies.

Outbound cargo consists of equipment for the execution of heavy lifting projects, rice, salt, and molasses.

The harbor has been handling approximately 7.5 million tons of cargo on an annual basis. This number is significantly higher than the official statistics for 2009 when the port handled only 2.1 million tons of cargo, all domestic. These numbers ranked it as the 98th busiest port in the country out of 150 ranked facilities.

The minimum depth of the main channel is 20 feet, and the width is 400 feet. Facilities required for dealing with the intra-modal transfer of containers with its dock of 800 feet and water frontage of 1,250 feet.

Additionally, the port brags all of the following:

  • A 20,000-square foot warehouse
  • A dockside mobile crane for loading and unloading of containers
  • A container crane that can handle weight of up to 50 tons
  • A container handler that has a capacity of up to 40 tons
  • 75 acres of dock storage and additional outdoor storage options
  • Railroad and highway access

Apart from the commercial transportation facilities, there’s also a river excursion passenger barge that’s being accommodated for. The barge is available for trips three to four times per year.

Commercial Sailing and Safety

Safety is a primary concern for harbor officials throughout the US. In December 2015, a new project was completed locally to ensure the safe operations of the facilities.

The emergency center project was worth 11 million dollars. The primary aim of the facility is to become the home of Coast Guard operations. In addition, the center is expected to act as an emergency command center in extreme weather and issues like hurricanes.

While such investment is a step in the right direction, sailors are still exposed to an array of dangers.

Are you a barge or another commercial vessel crew member who uses the Morgan City port? Have you experienced an injury, trauma or disability? If so, we can help. Please don’t hesitate to fill out our form and let us know a bit more about your situation.

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