Port Manchac

Port Manchac, Louisiana is an inland port located in Tangipahoa Parish on North Pass, which connects Lake Maurepas with Lake Pontchartrain. It has a shallow draft of nine feet in the main channel. Covering 140 acres, it is an important facility that serves the distribution of goods into the interior from ports on the Louisiana coast. The South Tangipahoa Parish Port Commission is the regulating authority.

Manchac has access to the Mississippi River and the Port of New Orleans via Lake Pontchartrain. It is also ideally located for both road and rail transport. The terminal lies adjacent to the Interstate 55 and also has links to other interstate highways I-10, I-12, and I-59.

Rail access is provided by the main north-south line of the Canadian National Railroad that runs adjacent to Manchac. Port Manchac is ideally placed as an inland terminal to facilitate the transport of break-bulk, neo-bulk, trans-bulk and containers by highway, railroad or barge. Manchac handles general and dry bulk cargoes. It does not handle liquid bulk cargo.

Port Facilities

Manchac is served by three rail spurs which provide direct access to the main line of the Canadian National Railroad. This service runs six days a week.

There are two warehouses of 30,000 square feet within. One is leased to Purus Industries, a company manufacturing bulk liquid products. The other warehouse is vacant and available for lease for industrial use.

The port has two barge docks which can support loads of 1000lb per square foot. A third barge dock is currently under construction. The property also has 20 acres of open land available for to build storage facilities.

Provisions for Worker Safety

All workers employed by the Port Authority and those employed by private companies operating businesses on the port’s property must be protected from injury by law. These protections extend to employees who are engaged to work on board vessels in Port Manchac.

Statutory provisions for the protection of employees against injury in shipyards are enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In 2011, the OSHA published a final rule concerning a new standard to reduce the risk of injury to workers. These include electrocution and injury through slips, trips, and falls.

The new rule addresses the issue of employees working alone. To improve worker safety in these instances, especially where a worker is out of sight, the regulation requires employers to institute procedures for regular checks on the worker. A supervisor is required to do a visual check on the employee or require him to call in at regular intervals.

Under the law, employers must provide adequate lighting in all work areas and all walkways to prevent slips, trips, and falls. Crew working below deck must have sufficient illumination to be able to work in safety.

Under normal circumstances, a port must provide emergency first aid facilities on-site to treat injured workers. However, the OSHA may allow the use of off-site medical service providers if they can respond and reach the port within five minutes.

If you suffer an injury while working at Port Manchac, contact us, and we will help you.

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