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Port Bienville

Port Bienville is located in Hancock County, Mississippi and is operated by the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission. It is located on Mulatto Bayou, several miles from the mergence with the East Pearl River. It is a shallow-draft barge port that offers heavy lift services including a 100-ton Manitowoc crawler crane. There is a huge regional industrial park adjacent to the port that is a boost to the local and regional economy.

The port is named after the French explorer who originally founded it, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. He explored much of the Gulf of Mexico coastline including in what is now Louisiana and Mississippi. He is known as the Father of Biloxi and New Orleans and is considered the most important explorer of the region. Port Bienville helped to contribute to the economy of the area for many years.

Hurricane Damage

The port was seriously damaged by Hurricane Katrina. While still functional, it is in need of major repairs and upgrades. Construction improvements continue to be completed and scheduled to ensure that the area provides all the services that are expected. The railroad here was also heavily damaged by the hurricane. Repairs were made, and full operational capacity has been restored.


Services include barge loading and unloading, warehousing, berth accommodations and liquid bulk terminal for tank barges. There is also access to railroad car storage and maintenance facilities. Approximately 1,000 acres of undeveloped land is available. The area is accessible to US 90 and is about 12 miles from I-10.

The Port Bienville Railroad (PBVR) has a capacity of 286,000 pounds, and the yard can store up to 429 cars. It operates in the multimodal industrial park and is inside of the Gulf Coast Foreign Trade Zone #92. It provides connective services to other nearby railroads including daily services. There is a Class I interchange in Ansley, Mississippi. The location is just 40 miles from New Orleans.

Industrial Park

The large Port Bienville Industrial Park is an important facility located nearby. The park encompasses 3,600 acres and is home to some of the leading companies in the region. It is owned and operated by the Hancock County Development Commission and provides a myriad of services for water transport users. There is a depth of 12 feet at the berths and along the wharves and has a berthing distance of 250 feet. Various businesses offer services here including a fabrication company that builds and repairs barges and other vessels. It can accommodate all types of general cargo as well as specialized loads. There is a steel-frame warehouse and transit shed as well as many acres of outdoor storage. The Kimberly-Clark Corporation operates here with capacity for 45,000 tons of logs. A concrete company has facilities to handle crushed limestone. Additionally, a construction company operates facilities to handle coal and other dry bulk commodities.

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