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Port Bienville Industrial Park

Port Bienville Industrial Park (PBIP) is a 3600-acre multimodal park housing a variety of companies from diverse sectors of the economy. It is located on the Northern Gulf of Mexico on Mulatto Bayou, about 3 miles from the convergence of the East Pearl River. It is in Hancock County, in the city of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. It’s a shallow draft barge port with a range of facilities and equipment.


The Port of Bienville has been an important transportation hub for the area and the region for many years making the location ideal for an industrial area. It is in Hancock County and is owned and operated by the Hancock County Development Commission. The area is home to about 41,000 residents and more than 1.5 million live within an hour. Located within the Gulfport-Biloxi metro area, it is just 50 miles from Biloxi and 35 miles from New Orleans by water.

About the Park

The park is an attractive option for businesses in a variety of industries. It has connections to U.S. Interstate 10 and just miles from 12 and 59, main roadways that lead across the state. The Port Bienville Railroad services the site, offering connections to railroads across the country.

With berths and wharves at a depth of 12 feet, it can accommodate large vessels. The county provides cargo handling services in addition to some private service companies. A steel-frame warehouse is available as well as a large area of open storage.  The industrial hub handles general cargo and has features that provide the capability to take care of heavy and specialized bulk loads.

Gulf Coast Fabrication has a location here, providing fabricated barge parts and repair services. There is a shipbuilding slip here as well. A graving dock of 72,000 square feet is here. A concrete company operates the wharf that is fitted to allow barge receipt of crushed limestone as well as a large area for storage.

Coal and other dry bulk commodities can be unloaded from a barge directly into trucks using a hopper. A plastics company operates another area of the port where liquid chemicals can be received. It has several pipelines that connect to large steel storage tanks that can hold up to 3,000,000 gallons.

Foreign Trade Zone

The port is located in the Mississippi Coast Foreign Trade Zone #92. It encompasses about 5,000 total acres of secured sites that are located in areas across the region including in Hancock County. The industrial park has 775 acres allotted for foreign trade. It provides special rules and perks that make foreign trade particularly attractive to a number of industries.

The park is one of the largest of its type in the country. Working in the park as well as on barges and other vessels can be extremely dangerous. While companies are required to provide a safe working environment, sometimes employers are negligent. When a maritime worker is hurt because of the negligence of an employer, he may be protected by the Jones Act. If you were seriously injured in a maritime accident contact us to discuss your case. Fill out the online form to provide us with information today.

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