Parasailing has become a popular activity for vacationers and residents alike. It allows people to enjoy the sensation of flying and provides a spectacular view as they travel over breathtaking landscape high in the sky. However, it is a largely an unregulated activity with numerous accidents occurring from negligence and unfortunate circumstances. Issues that can lead to an accident in parasailing include:

  • Malfunction of parasailing equipment, including the boat, sail, towline and harness
  • Unlicensed operator or parasailing company
  • Staff not properly trained
  • Incomplete safety procedures for emergency
  • Improperly monitored parasail
  • Parasailing staff does not delay or cancel parasailing due to weather conditions or warnings
  • Traveling in close proximity to other vessels, beaches or fixed objects
  • Lack of briefing to passengers on the dangers of parasailing or no information on parasailing safety and techniques

According to a report released by the National Transportation Safety Board, there is a lack of federal regulations for required training and certification for parasailing operators. There also is no requirements and guidelines for inspection of equipment or to suspend operations during certain weather conditions.

Parasailing accidents can result in a variety of injuries, many of them serious. Because the problems occur so far above the ground, death in a parasailing accident is common. When the equipment malfunctions, the person can be dropped to the ground or carried into structures or other obstacles. Other issues include broken or crushed bones, head trauma, neck and back injuries and internal damage. Many of these injuries require long-term care, and they often result in permanent damage, including paralysis.

Safety concerns about the parasailing operators have led the NTSB to issue safety recommendations, which would go a long way to improve conditions if implemented. Adequate training, appropriate equipment which is regularly inspected and operation only in safe weather conditions would reduce the number of accidents that occur in parasailing.

If you have been injured in a parasailing accident or if you have a family member who was involved in such a situation, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries if they were the result of any of these conditions. You need to work with an attorney experienced in maritime law and situations involving parasailing. We work hard for our clients to ensure they are recompensed for injuries involving negligence on the part of others. Contact us to find out how we can help in your case and fight for your rights.

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