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National Oilwell Varco is a Houston-Based American company that employs almost 40,000 people according to 2017 official data. It is a leading provider of oil and gas extraction equipment. Its components and technologies are utilized across the world.

About National Oilwell Varco

The corporation is the descendant of Oilwell Supply and National Supply – two companies that were set up in 1862 and 1893 respectively. Originally, the specializations of the entity included the creation of pumps and oil derricks.

The current market segments that the company specializes in include rig systems, wellbore technologies, and other production solutions.

Varco makes technologies for both land and offshore drilling. Some of the most popular offshore solutions include the following:

  • Fluid transfer systems
  • Control systems
  • Lifting and handling technology
  • Hoisting tools
  • Jacking and skidding
  • Pipe handling
  • Offshore unit construction
  • Rotating equipment
  • Power systems
  • Structures

According to Forbes, the company tops a couple of important business lists – the 109 Global 2000, the Market Value list and the Asset list. Additionally, it occupies the 394 spot among America’s top public companies.

The Forbes report also presents financial data about the oil industry giant. In 2017, the registered revenue has been 7.25 billion dollars; assets were worth 21.14 billion dollars and profits were set at a negative of 2.41 billion dollars.

Worker Injuries and Accidents

The corporation manufactures heavy machinery and equipment that have to be transported, installed and maintained. While various safety initiatives have been executed through the years, the nature of work is still dangerous.

Currently, National Oilwell Varco operations are regulated by the so-called Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System model. Its primary purpose is to ensure safe practices and proper training for every single one of the company’s thousands of employees.

One of the most impressive initiatives in the field was launched in 2014. This was when the company opened a so-called “technical college” in Houston where technicians working on derricks and operating drilling equipment are given a chance to get used to the harsh environment in a safe manner. This is the sixth technical college opened by NOV, the others being located in the UK, Brazil, and Norway.

Regardless of technological and training improvements, however, worker accidents are still taking place. The following list will present some of the most prominent cases:

  • In 2011, Christopher, Gonzalez, a worker for the company, fell from a height of over 85 feet into an open shaft. The man was working on Discovered Deep Seas and was installing paneling. Reports suggest that a supervisor eventually removed the protective netting needed for the completion of the task, which contributed to the fall. Gonzalez suffered disabling injuries. According to the worker, safety precautions were ignored to meet a project deadline.
  • There have been some more controversial cases. The Posey v. Varco case is one example. The worker decided to sue the company after sustaining injuries on a Louisiana facility in 2014. He suffered a femoral fracture, torn meniscus, and additional injuries. The plaintiff filed for action against NOV in 2015. Court, however, ruled out that the man had borrowed-employee status (a worker who is freed by his employer to another employer). Because of this fact, NOV was granted tort immunity, leading to the dismissal of the claims.
  • Green v. NOV also focuses on workplace injuries sustained by a called Christopher Green. Green sustained workplace injuries in 2009 while breaking down a mud motor. Pressure in the motor eventually caused an impact wrench to hit him in the groin area. Eventually, the man was granted compensation for the injuries sustained. The court granted Green back payment due to temporary disability, medical expenses, a penalty of 2,000 dollars and attorney fees.

Individuals who work for the company are protected under personal injury regulations, as well as maritime laws. The ones who work on offshore oil rigs can seek compensation for injuries, even when state laws aren’t particularly favorable.

Things are a bit more complicated whenever a person who is employed by another company gets injured by NOV equipment. In such situations, identifying the negligent party is more difficult and court proceedings may last longer.

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