Martin Midstream Partners – Kilgore Texas

Martin Midstream Partners was created in 2002, out of Martin Resource Management, a supplier with experience in supply drilling rig contractors since 1951. The company has integrated natural gas, sulfur, marine transportation, and terminal and storage services. Its marine transportation fleet includes 25 push boats, three offshore tug and barge units, and 45 inland marine tank barges that traverse coastal and inland waterways domestically and internationally.

The business serves oil and gas refining companies, and petroleum marketers, in the Caribbean and Central America and South America.

Like many other oil industry companies, Midstream has had accidents. There was a single tank explosion at its Stanolind Terminal, in Beaumont, Texas, in September 2011. The tank had approximately 4,700 barrels of oil at the time, and there were no injuries to workers at the plant or emergency responders, according to a report.

In January 2017, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported having penalized the company $165,600 following an inspection of an Arkansas refinery it owns. The violation was that the plant failed to maintain process safety information for pressure vessel designs, which was considered intentional, in knowing disregard for the law, or in the lack of regard for employee health and safety. Such violations reflect a probability that a hazard the employer knew about or should have could potentially have caused physical harm or death to workers.

Safety hazards at oil and gas facilities include explosions and fires, falls, being trapped in confined spaces, and vehicle collisions. Other hazards are present as well. High-pressure lines, electrical equipment, and machinery can cause injuries if systems aren’t properly maintained or there is a malfunction or operator error. Fire safety and fall hazard protection are imperative, as is motor vehicle safety on work premises, as these represent some of the most common areas where workers are injured and even killed on the job.

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