John Eddie Williams Jr.

Williams Kherkher Founder and Managing Partner John Eddie Williams Jr., has built a solid reputation of advocating for workers and organized labor and continues to work as a fearless fighter for those individuals in situations where the law may be their only recourse.

As the son and grandson of union longshoremen, John Eddie knows the dangers maritime workers face on the job every single day. Because of his upbringing and his natural tenacity, John Eddie and our 100+ team of attorneys and support staff have built a reputation of being aggressive defenders of the rights of longshoremen and seamen who are harmed by recklessness, misconduct, and negligence. We have represented and fought for some of our past clients who were injured in an oil refinery explosion, killed in an explosion at the Phillips Petroleum Co in Houston, people injured in the BP Texas City explosion, and represented over 800 businesses who were affected by the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. We handled more than 100 BP Claim Appeals and garnered a 99% success rate.

We’ve spent decades successfully protecting the rights of people harmed in motor vehicle collisions, oil refinery explosions, offshore accidents, defective medication, and asbestos litigation. John Eddie has represented numerous plaintiffs in mass tort cases and represented the State of Texas in its lawsuit against the tobacco industry. That litigation resulted in a $17.3 billion settlement.

John Eddie has salt in his veins and the sea in his blood, and he is passionate about fighting for the rights of injured seamen and longshore workers and helping them get the compensation they deserve for injuries sustained due to the negligence of others.


In connection with other Texas firms, obtained $17.3 billion for the state of Texas in settlement of litigation against major tobacco companies for the harm done to the state by their products.

Obtained a $200,000,000 jury verdict on behalf of two women who suffered heart-valve damage as a result of taking the diet product “fen-phen.”

Obtained a $117,000,000 jury verdict for the family of a man killed in a plant explosion. The matter was settled for a confidential amount after trial.

Obtained a $46,500,000 jury verdict in St. Louis against Monsanto and other manufacturers in connection with PCB pollution that caused our clients to develop cancer. This was the first major victory against Monsanto after others had tried and failed to hold them accountable. The awards were settled for a confidential amount after trial.

Settlement in Arkansas Marlboro Lights case

Obtained a $38,000,000 verdict on behalf of a family whose child was born with birth defects as a result of consumption of the prescription drug Depakote.

Recovered $22,980,000 for a family that lost their husband and father in an explosion caused by the negligence of a large corporation.

Obtained $20,000,000 jury verdict for the victim of an assault. The matter was settled for a confidential amount following the jury verdict.

Awarded to rape victim who sued apartment complex

Obtained a $17,500,000 jury verdict on behalf of a man and his wife. He developed silicosis as a result of exposure to silica.

Verdict for two ironworkers who fell from a scissor lift

Verdict in Depakote trial

Recovered $14,500,000 for widow and the adult children of a man killed in a plant explosion

Obtained a jury verdict of $12,930,000 (including prejudgment interest) for a family that lost a family member due to mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure. The matter was settled after the verdict for a confidential amount.

Recovered $12,120,000 for the family of an individual in a plant explosion.

Recovered $11,500,000 for the family of an individual who died in an industrial accident.

Recovered $11,000,000 for the family of an individual killed in an automobile accident.

Obtained $11,000,000 jury verdict in a trial that resulted from the death of a husband and father in a motor vehicle accident with a commercial truck. The case settled after trial for a confidential amount.

Recovered $7,656,000 for an individual who was injured by a defective product that damaged body organs

For car buyer hit by SUV at auto auction


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