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Inland Waterway Accidents

Working on a barge, tug, or dredge on a river, canal, or lake is dangerous even in the best of situations. The crews on these vessels constantly exposed to the elements, from the bite of winter that seeps deep into the bones, to scorching heat, torrential downpours, and rough, high waters.

Tug boats are used to push or pull larger ships, oil platforms, and barges, and to maneuver large ships in and out of crowded harbors and narrow canals. The tow winches and tow lines used to move the bigger vessels are dangerous, and as these vessels are compact, they have very little area for the crew, making it particularly dangerous to move around the boat, especially when the waters are rough, or the weather is inclement.

Barge Accidents

The types of barges working on inland waterways and even offshore vary greatly and they can be used for construction, transportation, dredging, drilling, and storage. While all barges are flat-bottomed, some are self-propelled and are pulled or pushed by a tug. The design of these vessels makes them heavy and cumbersome and deadly if they break loose from their tug.

Jones Act for River Accidents

When accidents happen on navigable waters, they are almost always serious and are often caused by negligence. When a crew member is injured because of the negligence of their employer or third-party, they may be able to seek compensation under the Jones Act. This federal law allows seamen damages for their injuries including wages they lose when unable to work, for the past and future medical costs for injuries sustained, and for the pain and suffering you experience.

All States Served

Maritime work on any of the country’s rivers, lakes, and canals is difficult work that requires strength, agility, skill, experience, and an astute awareness of your surroundings. Yet, everyday workers are injured due to no fault of their own. If you have been seriously injured or if you have lost a loved one in a fatal river, lake, or canal accident anywhere in the U.S., speak to us as soon as possible. We have decades of experience in fighting for people in the maritime industries, and we stand ready to fight for you. Fill out the form for more information.

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