Gunnison Spar

Gunnison Spar is an oil production facility that began production in December 2003. Situated in block 668, the truss spar can produce 40,000 barrels of oil daily and 200 million cubic feet of gas. It is 549 feet long and 98 feet in diameter. Nine dry tree wells were initially connected to the structure, including six dry tree and three subsea wells. The facility was developed by Kerr-McGee Corp. and is one of 10 offshore projects operated by Anadarko.

The spar is located in 3,150 feet of water. In March 2017, Upstream reported Anadarko plans to decommission the platform beginning in the summer. The focus is on removing riser systems for multiple wells.

Accident Reports

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement reported a small fire in 2003, which occurred within an air compressor enclosure. The compressor was rented and used by a contractor for tests. Once the contract employee noticed sparks and smoke, he extinguished the fire and was not injured.

In 2004, the bureau reported that four employees were exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas from a well. Detected during flow back operations, the gas had entered the atmospheric vent system and water handling equipment. The gas had not been detected outside the equipment. However, the affected workers complained of symptoms such as dizziness and sore throats. They returned to work the same day, after being released from a hospital following treatment with oxygen and a saline drip.

An Accident Investigation Report in 2006 involved a faulty weld, affecting an umbilical termination assembly below the water line. The oil well was shut in after employees observed a sheen on the water surface, while the chemical injection line valve was closed. A wax inhibiting chemical was released into the water during the incident. According to the report, it diluted and evaporated on the ocean surface. There were no injuries, and it was not expected that marine life would be affected.

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