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Grand Isle Port, LA

A small US port, the Port of Grand Isle doesn’t feature cruise or cargo terminals and facilities. Grand Isle is the only inhabited barrier island in Louisiana, and it acts as a natural defense barrier against hurricanes. The activities of the island’s port are under the supervision of Grand Isle Port Commission – a commerce and traffic regulatory entity.

History and Overview

While the port is a small one, it does serve a strategic purpose. A few industries are prominent in the region, which is why it has specialized in servicing the specific types of vessels:

  • Commercial shrimping: when it comes to shrimp production, the Louisiana island ranks among the most prominent players in the Gulf region. Some time ago, the port acquired one of the largest commercial fishing docks that were to be sold for a condominium development. Currently, it can service approximately 40 commercial fishing vessels. The dock is being renovated, and upon the completion of the project, 40 additional stations will be opened.
  • Recreational fishing/tourism: leisure time and recreational vessels are also being serviced. Recreational fishing happens to be a prominent divisions of the local tourism sector. It also features a public fishing pier and a donated plot that’s to be used for kayak launching.
  • Petroleum production: Grand Isle’s port is a shallow water one, yet it does have petroleum docks. Most petroleum production and processing facilities are located in the northeast part of the island. Over the past few years, the commission has secured over 12 million dollars for the development of dredging projects. The dredging of Barataria Pass is of uttermost importance for the economic development of Louisiana and this particular area.

Lease Holders

Apart from the main facilities described, the port also has a couple of prominent lease holders that have executed an array of commercial projects.

There’s a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Research Facility, an oyster hatchery, a grant oyster facility and the premises of a shrimp drying company nearby.

The oyster hatchery is a project worth three million dollars, and it was opened for the purpose of optimizing the Louisiana oyster population. Currently, the hatchery can produce one billion oyster larvae per year. Facility construction began in 2013, and the opening of the hatchery was in August 2015. Previously, there were solely outdoor larvae hatching conditions, which kept the production relatively low.

Risks and Injuries

This small Louisiana harbor services some of the most dangerous marine industries like commercial fishing and petroleum production. Individuals employed in these fields are exposed to multiple dangers and a risk of injuries.

There have been reports of accidents and injuries on the island’s harbor and the nearby facilities. One of the latest reports is from January 2017. In the first month of the year, an oil production platform located close to the port caught fire. There were four employees at the facility at the time of the accident. All workers had to be evacuated into the water. Luckily, no injuries have been reported.

Back in 2007, OSHA published a report about a prominent Grand Isle shipyard accident. In December, a tank cleaning technician fell from a certain height, had his respirator displaced and was exposed to the tank’s atmosphere. By the time the man was retrieved from the tank, he was already unconscious. The worker died shortly after.

If you’re a port worker or a seaman and you’re worried about workplace injuries, you should get in touch with our experienced team today. Any Grand Isle Port worker is entitled to safe employment conditions and to compensation for injuries that have stemmed from employer negligence. Please don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form to obtain more information and a professional consultation about the possibilities.

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