Engine Room of Bulk Carrier Floods in 10 Minutes

11th July 2016 / news

An engineering crew not adequately familiar with the cooling system of a bulk carrier caused the engine room of the vessel to flood with icy water, before the vessel struck a shoal and its hull puncture, torn, and dented.

The vessel was traveling in ice-infested waters when its engineering staff opened the steam valve to the lower sea chest to stop ice from building up. The EOW later found the fresh water cooling system was getting hot and made arrangement to use water from the forepeak ballast tank to decrease the temperature of the cooling water.

Engine staff noticed after unbolting the cover the low sea water strainer housing that water was overflowing from the housing. Despite efforts to tighten the valve, water began to flow uncontrolled into the engine room, flooding it within ten minutes.

The engine was evacuated, and the crew gathered on the upper deck for a situation briefing. During this time, and while having anchors down, the vessel drifted and raked over some shoals and damaging the hull. No lives were lost. *source

Engine Room of Bulk Carrier Floods in 10 Minutes
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