Cruise Ship Passenger Dies in Jet Ski Accident

11th July 2016 / news

A passenger from one of two cruise ships docked at St. Kitts in the Caribbean died after falling from his Jet Ski near Cockleshell Beach.

The victim was a 40-year old man from Texas who had rented a Jet Ski while vacationing with friends. Media reports suggest the man had gone up and down the beach several times with no issues when he suddenly encountered some sort of problem and fell from the Ski into the water. Though his friends were able to get him to shore, and local emergency services responded, the man was pronounced dead at the local hospital. It is not clear whether the man was wearing his life vest when he fell. Local law enforcement officials said an autopsy to determine the cause of his death is scheduled.

At the time of this report, it is unknown whether the man was a passenger on the Carnival Splendor or the Carnival Valor cruise ship.

Cruise Ship Passenger Dies in Jet Ski Accident
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