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Crossroads of America Port, Alabama

The Crossroads of America Port is located near Boligee, Alabama, at river mile 259.5 on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, which serves the Tombigbee River and Black Warrior River that both border Greene County. It is used for general freight transfer, with products such as logs and wood delivered through the facility. This small port consists of a sheet pile dock, two mooring cells, a fixed crane, and an outdoor, asphalt-surfaced storage area. It also has a connection to the Burlington Northern Railroad.

Operated by the Greene County Economic and Industrial Board, the 1,500-acre river port is located in an industrial park with access to water mains, power transmission systems, fiber optics, and telecom systems. There are currently plans to build an 8-inch natural gas line at the industrial park. Located near Exit 32 of Interstates 59 and 20, and County Road 20, the facility contains a spur of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad. County Road 89 runs a circuitous route through the property. The Crossroads Port lies on the western periphery of the site, which is about 41 miles from Tuscaloosa and 93 miles from Birmingham.

Accident Risks at Crossroads of America Port

Ports are areas where many kinds of accidents can occur. Vehicular accidents are common, as inadequate traffic controls, improperly maintained or missing equipment, driving obstacles, weather, and inadequate illumination on premises can lead to avoidable incidents. Driving at unsafe speeds and with improperly loaded equipment are hazards as well. Another is distracted driving; people often talk or text on cell phones or concentrate on paperwork while driving, putting themselves and others at risk, including employees and employers.

Fatigue, shift changes, and substance abuse are also contributors. A lack of training can lead to traffic-related accidents just as it can with operating industrial equipment. Pedestrians are also at risk if they are not trained and made aware of the hazards.

Falling or moving objects are common causes of injury at ports, especially if cargo isn’t loaded well or fixtures and fittings are loose or incorrectly installed. Operating any equipment comes with a risk of sprains, strains, and broken bones, particularly operating cranes and working around containers. Falling from heights is a danger around port structures and on ships, while slips, trips, and falls are a real possibility when moving about where equipment may not be properly stowed, or surfaces may be wet, oily, or otherwise slippery.

Fire, fumes, and explosions can also occur at port facilities. Exposure to chemicals can lead to a variety of health problems, such as respiratory issues. Some chemicals are poisonous and even corrosive and flammable. Working with welding equipment and other tools involving heat and friction can be dangerous if undetected fumes and chemicals are present. Therefore, many precautions must be taken to work safely in port and protect employees, visitors, vessel crews, and others.

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