Crewmember Falls from Container Ship, Presumed Dead

11th June 2017 / news

A container ship was under pilotage en-route to a berth when a crew member went over the side. A crewmember who had witnessed the man fall overboard said the seamen had removed an outermost long lashing rod and was trying to stay balanced while he had the rod upright in his hands, but eventually lost his balance and went into the water.

Even though the witness quickly went into action, throwing a lifebuoy with light into the water and called the bridge to announce the man overboard. It was not enough. More lifebuoys were thrown in, and emergency procedures were initiated. The vessel turned and approached the floating buoys, a rescue boat was launched, and other small craft were enlisted to search. However, the victim could not be found and is presumed dead.

Unfortunately, even while it was normal procedure to remove interior lashing before berthing, the victim did not follow this procedure, though it is unknown why.

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