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Company Profiles – MacGregor Group

The MacGregor Group, a subsidiary of Cargotec, is a world leader in the provision of engineering solutions and services related to marine cargo handling. Other services in their portfolio include vessel operations, offshore loads and mooring, and the transfer of crude oil and liquefied natural gas.

Cargo Handling Systems and Equipment

The history of the company stretches back 80 years to when it was first formed in England in 1937 to sell steel hatch covers. Through mergers and acquisitions, the MacGregor Group today offers an extensive range of machinery and equipment for cargo handling:

  • Container lashing equipment
  • Offshore and subsea load handling systems
  • Hatlapa and Porsgrunn deck machinery
  • Triplex net hauling and anchor handling equipment
  • Pusnes mooring and loading systems
  • Woodfield loading arms

MacGregor is a global company, employing 2,300 people in 70 offices, and with a presence in 32 countries around the world. The company is strongest in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, China, and Singapore.

The organization offers a wide range of support services for their equipment. They carry a full range of spares for the equipment that they supply and offer an inspection, maintenance, and repair service to their clients. Also, they provide training for ship’s crew in the operation of all machinery and equipment.

Merchant Marine Services

MacGregor is not just a supplier of equipment; they offer solutions for cargo handling for each particular application. By taking a ship’s cargo profile into consideration, the company will deliver a solution for cargo access that will optimize productivity, reduce environmental impact and increase the service life of equipment and machinery.

Company personnel are experienced in providing solutions for many kinds of merchant ships, including general cargo ships, bulk carriers, container ships, oil tankers, gas carriers, car carriers and cruise ships. They also supply equipment of various classes of naval ships. MacGregor provides backup maintenance and service for the lifetime of the equipment they supply.

Services for Offshore Vessels and Rigs

The company supplies equipment and engineered systems for:

  • Support for rigs and drill ships
  • Towing and mooring operations
  • Handling of subsea loads
  • Offshore loading and mooring operations

MacGregor does not confine its client base to the oil and gas industry. It also provides equipment to other marine vessels including fishing vessels, ships for oceanographic research, polar research vessels, wind farm crane vessels, pipe and cable laying ships, marine construction vessels, and mobile drilling units.

Port Services

MacGregor has the expertise to provide efficient solutions to loading and offloading operations for various vessels. Their equipment and systems offering includes passenger gangways, shore ramps, floating water taxi terminals and car parks, link spans and automated mooring systems.

Whether a ship is handling general cargo, vehicles or passengers, the company has the equipment to provide an efficient solution. They also supply dockside port cranes for loading and offloading cargo.

Oil Rig Helicopter Crash

In May 2016, thirteen people on board a helicopter flying from Gullfaks B oil field to Bergen in Norway were killed. There were reports that the rotor of the helicopter came loose and detached from the craft before it crashed. All people on board were killed, including three employees of Aker Solutions, a subsidiary of the Macgregor Group.

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