Commercial Offshore and Maritime Accidents

Offshore maritime occupations are among some of the most dangerous on Earth. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that the fatality rate for commercial fishermen and divers is 39 times higher than the national average. The accident and injury rates for commercial divers is also far greater than their land-based counterparts.

The commercial maritime industry is vital to not only the U.S. economy but the global economy, and the men and women who earn their living from the sea work long hours, often in dangerous situations in always in unforgiving environments.

Aside from the inherent risks of the job, offshore workers face risks from onboard disasters like fires and explosions, deck machinery, falls overboard, equipment failures, crane accidents, chemical exposure, rigging accidents, and ladder and stair accidents.

Commercial Fishing Accidents

Slip and fall accidents, fires, equipment failures and deck dangers are a constant concern for commercial fishermen. Rough seas and icy waters along with severe weather conditions, outdated equipment, and inexperienced or negligent crew members all pose a different but very real threat to commercial fisherman.

Commercial Diving Accidents

Between 1989 and 1997, there were about 3,000 full-time commercial divers involved in construction, maintenance, and inspection of structures and vessels, the CDC reports. Of those, about 49 died in fatal accidents. The most often listed cause of deaths of these workers was drowning (73 percent) asphyxia (14 percent) and embolism (7 percent).  

Offshore Maritime Accidents

Other types of offshore accidents that often occur involve-

  • Barge and Tugboats
  • Cargo Ships
  • Jack-up Rigs
  • Shipyards

Maritime Injures

Most commercial maritime workers are far from emergency medical facilities when an accident occurs and help seldom arrives quickly. Sometimes the delay in care makes matters worse, while in other circumstances the injured person suffers extreme pain while waiting hours for the Coast Guard to arrive.

Minor injuries are a part of everyday life out on the sea, but serious injuries are also common. Some of these include burns, brakes and fractures, crushed limbs, head injuries, and loss of limbs. Unfortunately, some these injuries may be permanently disabling, while far too many times they are fatal.

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