Cedar Bayou Port in Texas

Cedar Bayou Port in Texas is located near Cedar Point Dock and the HL&P Cut by the Houston Ship Channel. It is conveniently located next to Highway 99 with easy access to Hartman Bridge. The port is not large. It was originally called Santos Pass when it was established in the 1800s and was wide but quite shallow.

At various periods in history, the pass was closed. A committee convened to determine what was necessary to restore the pass. A study was completed by 2008 at the cost of $400,000 to develop a plan to reopen and maintain it. Engineers found that water flow would need to be increased and hydraulic resistance reduced. Stronger water flow would help clear the bottom where sediment had settled. In 2011, a dredging permit was issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers allowing the project to move forward.

Houston Ship Channel

The area is home to the fifth-largest industrial park in the world, Cedar Port Industrial Park. It is located along the Cedar Bayou Barge Channel that connects to the Houston Ship Channel and has access to Chambers County Improvement District barge dock here. It is near two large container terminals, Barbour’s Cut and Bayport and is also located near Texas Highway 99 and the Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway.

The channel is part of the Port of Houston, one of the largest and busiest seaports in the country. It is a major thoroughfare for barges and other vessels that transport products including petrochemicals. The channel has been widened and deepened to accommodate large vessels.  


Accidents take place from time to time in this busy waterway. Accidents are to be reported to the National Transportation Safety Bureau.

  • In March 2015, a collision occurred between a chemical tanker and another vessel. There was fog and rain reported at the time. A passing arrangement was made, but one vessel veered out of their area. Both vessels were damaged, and there was spillage of MTBE, a flammable liquid, which closed the channel for three days as a result.
  • In July 2015, two barges collided with one another in the channel. The collision caused a fire on one of the vessels that was extinguished quickly. Damages and injuries were not indicated.
  • In March 2014, a barge filled with fuel oil crashed into a cargo ship loaded with grain. Containers of rice spilled after the vessel suffered a gash. However, no fuel oil was spilled, and no workers reported any injuries due to the accident.  

Accidents on vessels and in ports can cause serious injuries. Companies must ensure the safety of their employees, and if they fail to do so, they could be negligent. If you were injured in Cedar Bayou Port in Texas, we are available to assist you. Contact our office today by filling out the online form.

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