Flame-defying Maritime Pilots Recognized with IMO Bravery Award

Two captains working for the Houston Pilots will be receiving the 2017 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea in November. The Houston Pilots serve to bring ships safely in and out of the Port of Houston. Captain Michael G. McGee and Captain Michael C. Phillips are to be honored for preventing a serious tragedy after their ship stalled and […]

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Oil Spill Cleanup Technology Picks Up $1.7 Million in Funding

With oil spill technology reaching new heights, one research laboratory has reaped the financial benefits of developing cutting edge technologies. Based out of the University of Alberta, Ingenuity Lab recently received a $1.7 million project grant to research and develop a successful alternative method for cleaning up deep reaching oil spills that destroy already fragile marine ecosystems. Everyone remembers the […]

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Senator John McCain Seeks to Repeal the Jones Act

As a longtime advocate of repealing the Jones Act, Senator John McCain is seeking to introduce legislation to reform and repeal this Act. The Jones Act This Act, otherwise known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, regulates maritime (at sea) commerce and trade within the United States waters and United States ports.  It became law on June 5, 1920.  […]

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Collision Causes Explosion and Deaths of 9 Crew Members

Several vessels were involved in a collision that caused a cargo tank to rupture and spill naphtha. The ignition of the chemical engulfed the sea waters surrounding two of the vessels. Nine crew members on one of the involved ships perished in the disaster, and several more were injured. Three crew members on the second ship sustained injuries also. Two […]

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Crewmember Falls from Container Ship, Presumed Dead

A container ship was under pilotage en-route to a berth when a crew member went over the side. A crewmember who had witnessed the man fall overboard said the seamen had removed an outermost long lashing rod and was trying to stay balanced while he had the rod upright in his hands, but eventually lost his balance and went into […]

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Passenger Ferry Hits Island, Sinks, Two Dead

A passenger ferry that was carrying 59 passengers and 22 vehicles was sailing on autopilot in darkness with good visibility while a quartermaster and OOW were on the bridge having a conversation. Just after midnight, a storm with heavy rains and high winds overtook the ferry and severely reduced visibility. Less than 15 minutes later, the storm passed, and the […]

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Engine Room of Bulk Carrier Floods in 10 Minutes

An engineering crew not adequately familiar with the cooling system of a bulk carrier caused the engine room of the vessel to flood with icy water, before the vessel struck a shoal and its hull puncture, torn, and dented. The vessel was traveling in ice-infested waters when its engineering staff opened the steam valve to the lower sea chest to […]

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Rescue Boat Maneuvers End with Crew Injury

Two crew members are seriously injured and a third died after a wire rope used to raise and lower a rescue boat parted, letting the boat free-fall about 42-feet into the water below. The rescue boat maneuvers were performed by four crew members with three in the boat while the fourth worked the winch. After lowering and raising the boat […]

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Cruise Ship Passenger Dies in Jet Ski Accident

A passenger from one of two cruise ships docked at St. Kitts in the Caribbean died after falling from his Jet Ski near Cockleshell Beach. The victim was a 40-year old man from Texas who had rented a Jet Ski while vacationing with friends. Media reports suggest the man had gone up and down the beach several times with no […]

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