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Bevill-Hook Port – Alabama

Bevill-Hook Port is a small facility located on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, at mile 292.4, near the city of Aliceville, Alabama. The facility is generally used to transfer wood products and other types of freight. In addition to stowage capacity for 20 barges, it includes a bulkhead, crane, and wood storage yard. It’s operated by Pickensville Woodyard.

The facility is 30 miles from Interstates 20 and 59 and is 25 miles from U.S. Highway 82. It is located adjacent to Alabama State Highway 17. Natural gas, electric, and telecom service are available with water and sewer service available from the Pickens County Water Authority from less than a mile away. The port is one of many in the county, part of a water transportation route that links the Port of Mobile to 4,500 miles of navigable rivers in states throughout the middle of the country.

Accident Potential at Bevill-Hook Port

Employees at ports along the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway are as vulnerable to accidents as they are anywhere else. The region has seen its share of incidents, from those caused by operator error and fatigue to adverse environmental conditions. Fatigue is a major contributor to accidents, as workers are often not rotated on regular shifts and the arrival times of ships aren’t always predictable. The long hours and pace of work, in addition to its physical demand, increases the risks of accidents.

Accidents may also be caused by moving or falling objects, which can easily come loose if fittings and fixtures are improperly placed. Cargo that is not loaded the right way or is unstable can trigger a problem as well. Mooring a vessel can lead to serious injuries, sprains, strains, and other problems and even cause death. Add to that the commonly slippery and wet surfaces around a port facility, and presence of gear such as ropes and cables and other gear on walking surfaces, and the hazards contributing to accidents can be immediately seen. Many facilities also have inadequate lighting. Limited visibility also contributes to the accident potential.

The operation of vehicles on premises is another concern. Many ports have inadequate traffic management systems, increasing the risk of collisions and people being run over or crushed. Mounting and dismounting from a motor vehicle can cause injury too, and there are often no divisions between vehicle and pedestrian areas. People often walk close to operating forklifts, trucks, tractors, and other vehicles in adverse lighting and weather conditions, and where drivers may be distracted, fatigued, or not properly trained. The risks are even higher if vehicles haven’t been inspected and there are no or not enough traffic controls such as stop signs and signals present. Speed limits in designated areas can help to reduce accident risks, but traffic safety is a concern at U.S. ports in any circumstance.

If you have been injured while performing your job duties at Bevill-Hook Port in Alabama, contact us by filling out the online form and submitting the details of the accident, and someone will provide information on how to proceed.

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