A Horn Mountain

Horn Mountain is an offshore oil field located in the Gulf of Mexico, about 100 miles from New Orleans, Louisiana. The deep water field is located in Mississippi Canyon, blocks 126 and 127. It first began operations in 2002 and was acquired by Anadarko Petroleum in 2016. It has a water depth of 5,455 feet.

Exploratory drilling started in 1999, and just one month later the discovery was announced. A semi-submersible drilling rig was used to drill to 14,600 feet, locating oil at four Miocene intervals. Pre-planning and rig availability allowed development to proceed more rapidly than usual. There were eight production wells and two injection wells drilled in 2001.

The oil field was developed using a truss spar. It is the deepest free-floating dry tree system on the globe. It is capable of supporting 14 dry trees. It utilizes a dual barrier riser structure for connectivity to the wells. It is capable of producing more than 65,000 barrels of oil a day and 68 million cubic feet of gas. It should also be able to accommodate additional production if needed.

Oil Rig Safety

Working on an oil rig can be dangerous. Many of the jobs that need to be done are hazardous. There are many pieces of heavy equipment along with difficult weather conditions and working with flammable and toxic materials. In 2015, Anadarko stated that 86% of their locations that produce oil and natural gas operated without a safety incident. The employee total recordable incident rate (TRIR) was 0.34. This is an industry low for the year.

They have a safety performance that is indicating a total recordable incident rate 165 lower than compared with the last five years. They have preventable vehicle incident rate 34% lower than compared to the previous five years. At the same time, employee hours worked increased by 21%.

Companies are required to provide safe working conditions for all employees. If an accident occurs, it must be reported to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE). In addition to providing safety standards and regulating offshore operations, BSEE investigates and evaluates all incidents and issues reports. When possible, the cause of the accident is determined along with a determination of how it could have been prevented.

Accidents on oil platforms can result in serious injuries. If an injury is due to negligence on the part of the employer, the victim might be compensated for expenses and damages. If you were hurt at Horn Mountain or any other offshore location, we will review your case. Contact us today by filling out our online form.

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