A Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a truss spar located in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 225 km off the shore of Louisiana. It is owned and operated by Anadarko and has a water depth of 5,310 feet. The precise location is Green Canyon, blocks 859, 860, 903, 904 and 948. It is operated by Anadarko Petroleum, who has a 31.5% working interest. Additional partners are Marubeni Oil and Gas, Apache Deepwater, StatoilHydro, ExxonMobil and Cobalt.

The oil field was first found in 2009. A discovery well located more than 200 feet of oil which was found in Miocene sands. A second well was drilled successfully in 2012 which went to a depth of 31,030 feet and was located about 1.5 miles south of the first discovery well. Both wells showed that there was a continuous pressure of the high-quality oil. A truss spar was utilized to provide more capacity and the ability to provide better stability with greater pressure. It can withstand natural weather occurrences such as hurricanes.

The Heidelberg spar is estimated at a capacity of 80,000 tons of oil and 2.3 million cubic meters of natural gas daily. It was completed in 2015. It has oil reserves that are estimated at 200 to 400 million barrels.

Recent Injuries

An injury was reported to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement in February 2017. When workers were pulling a string out of a hole the rope that holds the manual tongs out of the way snapped. This allowed the tongs to swing and they struck one worker in the back. The man had to be flown by Medivac to the hospital where he was evaluated. It was determined that he suffered only a bruise but no broken bones or internal injuries.

A review of the incident found that the worker was standing in a red zone, an area that is not safe. Additionally, the crew supervisor did not identify the risk involved in the operation that was being performed, and there was a danger of injury should the rope break. The job should have been stopped before the accident happened because the plan had changed. This would allow time to review the new plan and determine the possible hazards ahead of time. The crew did not use proper caution while working in the red zone.

Companies must provide safe working conditions for all employees. When an accident does occur, it could be because of negligence on the part of the company. If they fail to have proper safety procedures in place or don’t enforce them, they could be responsible for injuries that result. If you were seriously injured at the Heidelberg spar oil platform, we can assist you in seeking compensation. Contact us today by filling out our online form.

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